Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Back in the Surf

The first thing I did in Bali was telling the cab driver to take me to a cheap Balinese guesthouse, $15/night, near Kuta Beach and went surfing. It's been 2 years since I last surfed. It was like seeing my long lost lover again. My heart was beating fast and a jittery feeling swept over me when my eyes beheld the waves. What a sight! Reef breaks could be seen miles from the shore, but sand breaks were closer and the cuddling whitewater was drawing me in. Then I realized that my passion for surfing had never died.

I rented a 6'7'' board for $3/ hour. Can't beat that! Yopi, the surfboard dude, was going to give me a discount for $7/three hours but after one hour, my body was beat. Certain muscles hadn't been used for two years and were undergoing some kind of shock. Standing up on the board and riding the wave again was a glorious feeling.

Kuta Beach has everything to offer everyone. For me, the one thing that matters most is the surf. For others, lots of shopping stalls selling all kinds of trinkets, foods, amazing paintings, cheap massages, pedicures, manicures, hair braiding, and more. Across the small road that runs along the beach are stores catered to westerners like MacDonald's, restaurants selling burgers and fries, and a near by Discover Mall that pretty much has everything except a movie theater. I guess if you want the convenience of a city life coupled with an exotic beach with great surf, come to Kuta.

After a year in Jakarta, my bahasa Indonesia is good enough to bargain for great prices. I love it! That I can speak a third language, although broken, is exciting.

Today is my shopping day. I can't go out surfing again because I need to rest my aching muscles, but I'm hopeful that I'll recover by tomorrow.

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