Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A Room With a View

Today is a Hindu holiday in Bali, and it was difficult to rent a car. There are no automatic cars for rent here, so I had to get a manual Toyota Avanza for 25 USD/day. Nong and I said a prayer once I got behind the wheel. I can drive manual but it's certainly not up my alley. Anyhow, we were tempted to just stay in Kuta cos the people kept saying that most car rental places are closed and Balinese are on holiday. But I won't take no for an answer. I felt like today, we should get out of the familiar Kuta and go on a road trip, somewhere both of us had never been before, even though I love the beach so much.

It was a bit scary at first exploring the island on a manual Toyota Avanza. I'd rather have Jimmy, my Indonesian friend, drive us around like last time. I freaked out in the beginning trying to find my way around the city. Poor Nong, she had to put up with me. Later I told her how much I appreciated her patience.

So I paid a bit more for a guesthouse in Ubud. Rp 350,000/night. About 35 USD. I could have got a cheaper room but the view at this guesthouse is worth it, overlooking an Indonesian rice terrace. Although I prefer a beachfront property, but a hill/rice terrace view in inland Bali is not a bad offer, considering there aren't many attractions here for me in Ubud. I'm more of a beach person. The ocean makes me way more excited than the forest.

Anyway, we had a great afternoon nap.

But I hope to spend a quiet evening and tomorrow morning, reading and praying. In a way, it's a good room with a peaceful view, good for meditation.

I think I'm going to ask Nong if we can head back to the beach tomorrow. A day inland is more than enough.

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